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Asphalt Milling:
What You need To Know

Asphalt milling is actually relatively new to urban development, and it saw its first use cases beginning around the mid-1970’s.

In order to repair damage like widespread cracks, raveling, or an uneven slope, several layers of the asphalt are ground-up and removed, and afterwards a new layer is applied to replace them. This not only provides a fresher look to an old pavement job, it’s also environmentally friendly, as it conserves material, and any excess asphalt removed is transported to a recycling facility and used in future products and projects.

Though it may sound initially simple, much like most paving work, asphalt milling is a complicated and intensive process. So don’t feel like you have to tackle it alone—call G&G Asphalt today, and we’ll help you get your driveway, parking lot, or other paving project looking good as new in no time at all. 

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About G&G Asphalt Maintenance

G&G Asphalt Maintenance is a family-owned paving company that hasn’t just been around the block a few times—we may as well have built it.  

We handle a wide range of projects, everything from asphalt repairs to asphalt resurfacing to snow removal.  With our experience in paving, whatever job you need us for, you’ll experience top-quality workmanship, not for the cheapest prices, but the best ones.

And even if you’re just looking for advice, we’re happy to be your local paving resource center.  So stop in or call today.

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