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Asphalt Patching And Crack Repair: What You Need To Know

Asphalt patching is the process of using either hot or cold loose asphalt to repair cracks, divots, and other forms of damage that occur on a paved surface over time.

It’s one of the easier reconstruction processes available for pavement repair, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easy job in itself. Special care and attention has to be paid to the level of each patch, the thickness, and the general grade of the site overall, so that you’re not left with a repair job that leaves your site looking and feeling less professional than it did before.

If you’re interested in a top-quality patching job, stop in or call G&G Asphalt today, and get your project the care, attention, and life it deserves.

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About G&G Asphalt Maintenance

G&G Asphalt Maintenance is a family-owned paving company that hasn’t just been around the block a few times—we may as well have built it.  

We handle a wide range of projects, everything from asphalt repairs to asphalt resurfacing to snow removal.  With our experience in paving, whatever job you need us for, you’ll experience top-quality workmanship, not for the cheapest prices, but the best ones.

And even if you’re just looking for advice, we’re happy to be your local paving resource center.  So stop in or call today.

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